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Vital Tips of Septic System Care

If you're wondering why you should maintain your septic system, then here are 3 key reasons - The first is money. Failing septic systems are very costly to repair and replace. The second reason is for your health, your family's health, and your environment's health. The third reason is to maintain the economic health of your community - failing septic systems could cause property values to decline!

Keys to a healthy septic system

  • Don't plant anything besides grass near your tank

  • Use non- or low-phosphate laundry detergents

  • Only flush down wastewater and toilet paper

  • Avoid washing food waste down the drain

  • Use household cleaners in moderation

  • Be wise with your water usage

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The dos and don'ts of septic systems...

  • Learn the location of your septic tank and drain field. Keep a sketch of it handy with your maintenance record for service visits

  • Have your septic system inspected

  • Have your septic tank pumped out by a licensed contractor as often as is appropriate

  • Keep your septic tank cover accessible for inspections and pumping. Install risers if necessary

  • Call a professional whenever your system is experiencing problems, or at signs of system failure

  • Keep a detailed record of repairs, inspections, pumpings, permits, and maintenance activities

  • Divert other sources of water, like roof drains, and sump pumps, away from the septic system. Excess water prevents the natural cleansing of wastewater

  • Plant anything near the drain field except grass. Roots from nearby trees and shrubs may clog and damage the drain lines

  • Allow anyone to drive or park over any part of the system

  • Dig in or build over your drain field. It should only be covered by grass, which prevents erosion and removes excess water

  • Make repairs to a septic system without a required health department permit. Use licensed contractors

  • Use septic tank additives. They don't always help and may even harm your system

  • Poison your septic system & groundwater by pouring harmful chemicals down the drain

  • Use a garbage disposal without checking with your local regulatory agency to make sure your septic system can accommodate this additional waste

  • Go into a septic tank. Toxic gases produced inside can kill in minutes. Extreme care should be taken when inspecting a septic tank, even when just looking in

  • Allow backwash from home water softeners to enter the septic system



Protect your septic tank and drain field. We recommend annual inspections of your septic systems to ensure that everything is working appropriately and to determine when the tank should be pumped. Contact us today!

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